Friday, May 23, 2014

Do Over - Surprise Package From Louise

I deleted a couple of posts from yesterday, because after reading them I thought they sounded a little "snarky". This is an attempt at doing better.
The mail brought me a surprise package from Louise. Can you guess what was in it? Just by way of a clue, I now know when she was born, when her children were born, who they are married to, etc. Thank you Louise for your efforts. That was a lot of gathering of info for you to do.
Her efforts put my/our family history project back on the front burner and hopefully will give everyone else the courage to get their records and photos to me over the next few weeks. Perhaps I am being optimistic, but I think we can still get this done by Christmas.


Ann said...

Update - I have Judy's family photos, as well.

Elizabeth said...

I wasn't thinking - This is the data that you want to collect from each one of us - and I am behind. Need to get with it, pronto!

Ann said...

And today I have Judy's family group sheets. We are making great progress.