Friday, May 30, 2014


Another cherished classic of Stephen Michael taken by Dwight.  The background looks like some area we might be for a picnic.  What a charming child!  And you know what......he still has that charm us all.  Happy Birthday to our LITTLE brother.  We are so happy that you are doing well....with Mary Lynn's help.


Elizabeth said...

Never saw this picture before! What else do you have, Judy? Steve, you really were cute - did we spoil you or pick on you? Anyway, a very happy birthday to you on this day!

Ann said...

When you see that impish look do you wonder why he made such a good partner in our growing up adventures. I don't remember seeing this photo before, but it's probably on Dwight's cd he gave all of us??
Happy Birthday Steve. I hope this year holds wonderful adventures for you and Mary Lynn. Can you believe we (the 6 of us) are all 70 or older now?

Steve Blood said...

Never saw it before, but "impish"? That's not what Mary Lynn calls it.