Friday, May 9, 2014

Remembering Mother

Robert Petersen, Shannon, and Mother in her backyard.

Mother's pose tells so much about her.  In-law children were included in her circle of care and love.  Grandchildren were at her side curious about what she was doing.  She stayed in her Sunday dress for the entire day, with an apron worn as she cooked Sunday dinner, washing dishes afterward.  The camera..........her own need to record the family doings to add to the years of history she had previously kept when she was able to stop time and that we can view anytime at our own desire.   And that smile..........and the touch of her hand. 
We are privileged to honor her this Mother's Day 2014.  We are forever grateful!


Steve Blood said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!

Ann said...

Sweet memories!

Louise Blood said...

Thank you, Judy, for posting this picture. It's a gem, and you expressed my own feelings beautifully.

Judy said...

Thank you for posting this picture, it's a gem, and you expressed my own feelings beautifully. Louise

(Louise emailed this since she has been treated as a robot and cannot post from her log on. So nice to hear from you Louise, and hope your Mother's Day was sweet.

Elizabeth said...

I must have been asleep! Thank you for this picture and the sentiments expressed. Isn't it funny that as the years go by, these cherished memories get a wonderful jog from pictures as we look at the past.