Sunday, April 9, 2017

Memorial for Ronald Gage - April 8, 2017

A wonderful service was held at the Henderson LDS chapel on Saturday.  With beautiful music, and heartfelt messages by his daughters, and three special friends: Sid Otton, Charlie Reed, and Stephen Daniels-Brown.  

After days of pouring rain, we had a miracle on rain in the morning, no rain during the service nor at the cemetery, but one block from there coming home, we had to turn on the windshield wipers.......Thank you........ 

 Elizabeth greeting granddaughter Suzanne before the service.
 Gathering of family and friends at the cemetery on North Street.
Andrea Krull (Ron's daugher) Ross Petersen, Phil and Joleen Harlan, Benjamin Petersen, Grace and Shannon Gala. (nieces and nephews) 

 Andrea and Elizabeth telling her thank you for her help.

 Sweet Julia Carruth ( Ron's daughter) with her husband Mike.  
Ken Krull with Andrea


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