Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Phil Wasden's Photos from the Gunnison Cemetery

Phil writes that the touching inscription on great-grandfather John Christenson's marker reads as follows: "Amiable and beloved father farewell!  Not on this perishing stone, but in the Book of Life, and in the hearts of thy afflicted friends is thy worth recorded."
Nancy Arilla Herring
John Brooks Wasden
Thomas Wasden

William Wasden
We acknowledge with appreciation the efforts of Phil Wasden in providing us all with these photos and this information.  He expresses the thought that he felt that he received special guidance in locating these grave markers of our ancestors.

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Ann said...

The inscription on Great Grandfather Christenson's headstone certainly validates our comments about him that were posted with his picture on an earlier post. For me, the tangible sight of these headstones creates a unique reminder of our connection to these amazing people.