Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To My Fellow Penroseites

Without even consulting all of you who share the ownership of our Penrose blog, I have taken the liberty of embellishing it a bit, as you can see.  I thought the addition made it an authentic Penrose morning.   I hope you all approve.


Ann said...

It is fun to see such a familiar site when logging in to the blog. Great choice.
Being referred to as a "Penroseite" is truly an honor. When asked for my nationality, I think I will start marking "other" and writing in what is my true identity. Do you suppose that for the sake of staying true to the confusing way the English language works (no logic) we could drop the "e" so it is spelled Penrosite? But then, I suppose at least I would wonder, do I drop the "e" or not, so never mind.

Elizabeth said...

What a nice addition to the blog! Brings a little more nostalgia into the mix. I like Ann's idea of being Penroseites - or Penrosites. Sounds like a pretty exclusive bunch to me!

Judy said...

If we are an "'ite", does that mean we are historic like the "ites" of old? Penrose Mornings looks great with the new overhaul. I promise to give it more attention now that I have figured out delegation.