Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grandpa Wasden's Chair

Our grandfather, James Brooks Wasden, was not a tall man - probably about 5'8" or so, but he had a very long trunk (body), and short legs. As a result, when he walked, he always seemed to be tilting into the wind, because his legs couldn't keep up with his body. When he sat in church, he seemed to be very tall, but when he stood, he was average size. Spare of frame, he didn't seem to be out of proportion. This was his chair. It sat at the [dining] table, and he sat on it (with a cushion for comfort that Grandma had made) to eat his meals, read books, and do various other things. I can remember one time that Dwight and I went up to see him when Dwight came home from college , and Grandpa had three books spread out in front of him. One was a history book, one the scriptures, and one a book on church subjects. He was quite proud - asked us if we knew any other man in his 80's who could read three books at one time. (And that is saying something, because he was self-educated, having only attended 3 months of formal schooling in his childhood.) But I digress from the subject of the chair. It seems too short from floor to seat for most of us, because he cut off part of the legs so that his feet could reach the floor.
Now the chair has an honored place in Judy's home.


Judy said...

The chair is respectively adored. However, I have moved it to our bedroom, since little grandkids find it just the right size for them since the chair legs and their legs seem the same size.

Ann said...

Grandpa's chair was very special. I always thought he was quite privileged to have a chair that fit him just right. Thanks for putting the picture on the blog.