Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

This is one of my favorite pictures of Mother and Dad. Taken outside of Grandpa and Grandma Wasden's house on a summer (spring?) day. They look all dressed up. Wonder what the occasion was, what color Mother's dress was, etc. etc. etc. The picture is so typical - and the smiles genuine. Thank goodness for a sense of humor through all the difficult times and the good times as well. If Dad were alive today, he would be three months older than his cousin, Stan Krajicek at 101. Oh, dear, he probably wouldn't have enjoyed that very much. We do miss his sense of humor and his great laugh. I suppose all of us still think of things to tell Dad that he would get great enjoyment out of. February 4 will always be that special day on my calendar.


Ann said...

Maybe the Third is even a better day?

Elizabeth said...

Got caught, didn't I? The third is the "right" day - Mother's is the 4th of October. Talk about a senior moment! Besides, I really wanted to see if anyone was sharp, and Ann wins the prize.

Ben and JoLin said...

You are all very clever and with all the twists and turns you get it perfect! These pictures always revive the spirit.