Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines From the Past

Now this is what I call sentiment! It must have meant something to Dad since it was carefully saved through all of the changes in his life. Sarah Harper would have been his cousin.

This older valentine was one that belonged to Roscoe. It is truly romantic.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Judy. Sarah Harper must have been the oldest daughter of Mabel BLOOD Harper. Their life wasn't easy, according to Betty Sullivan's book. There is a picture of her on page 234 of "The Long Trek West". Mabel and her children had a very difficult life after her husband disappeared while on a trip to get rich. Interesting stuff in the book that I hadn't read before. Love the Valentines!

Ann said...

These are what valentines should look like. What fun to see them. I wonder who Roscoe got the valentine from. Thanks for sharing.