Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Innocence (and the Cat)

This is a special picture. It must have been taken on a Sunday, with Mother all dressed up + the obligatory apron, and baby Ann posing in front of the old tub that served both as a Saturday night bath tub in front of the coal stove, and a washday rinse tub. Love the curious cat checking out the newest member of the family. I remember vividly the day that Ann was born (December 1st). Snow was lightly falling, so Louise and I wiped our shoes on the light brown brushy mat at the door, and Louise announced that she knew that there must be a new baby in the house. (Where were you, Dwight?) (There must have been a strange car in the yard, but I don't remember that.) The house smelled different, and there was our new baby. Dad told me that she came in the doctor's black bag. And I believed him for a long time. Anyway, it isn't Ann's birthday today, but we still appreciate her wonderful "Can Do" attitude which has conquered all sorts of adversity in her life. And she did continue to look very innocent, although she has a very witty way about her today.


Ann said...

It is good to be reminded that we were once very little.

Judy said...

Sweet, sweet, baby Ann.

Ann said...

And it was all downhill from there!