Monday, June 8, 2009

Health Habits as Prescribed by Professor Hill

As you can see, there are wonderful items of knowledge to be gleaned from Hill's Book....

"1. CLEANLINESS. Have always a pint or quart of water in the sleeping room. In the morning, after washing and wiping hands and face, then wet, with the hands, every part of the body. Cold water will not be disagreeable when applying it with the bare hands. Wipe immediately; follow by brisk rubbing. The result of this is the blood is brought to the surface of the skin, and made to circulate evenly throughout the body. You have opened the pores of the skin, allowing impurities in the body to pass off, and have given yourself in the operation a good, vigorous morning exercise. pursue this habit regularly and you will seldom take cold.
2. INFLATION OF THE LUNGS. Five minutes spent in the open air, after dressing, inflating the lungs by inhaling as full a breath as possible, and pounding the breast during the inflation will greatly enlarge the chest, strengthen the lung power, and very effectually ward off consumption.
3. DIET. If inclined to by dyspeptic, avoid mince pie, sausage and other highly seasoned food. Beware of eating too freely of soups; better to eat food dry enough to employ the natural saliva of the mouth to moisten it. If inclined to over-eat, partake freely of rice, cracked wheat, and other articles that are easily digested.Eat freely of ripe fruit, and avoid excessive use of meats. Eat at regular hours, and lightly near the hour of going to bed. Eat slowly. Thoroughly masticate the food. Do not wash it down with continual drink. Tell your funniest stories while at the table and for an hour afterwards. Do not engage in severe mental labor directly after hearty eating.
1. EXERCISE. Exercise, not to violent, but sufficient to produce a gentle perspiration, should be had each day in the open air.
2. CONDITION OF MIND. The condition of the mind has much to do with health. Be hopeful and joyous. To be so, avoid business entanglements that may cause perplexity and anxiety. Keep out of debt. Live within your income. Attend church. Walk, ride, mix in jovial company. Do as nearly right as you know-how. Thus, conscience will always be at ease. If occasionally disappointed, remember that there is no rose without a thorn, and that the darkest clouds have a silver lining; that sunshine follows storm, and beautiful spring follows the dreary winter. Do your duty and leave the rest to God, who doeth all things well."
Could you ask for better advice on how to get along in this world today?

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