Friday, June 12, 2009

It's 45!

This picture is not an appropriate one to display for an anniversary, since it shows only 1/2 of the Tanner couple who are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary today. (This picture was taken of Ann by Dwight at my granddaughter Sara's wedding dinner in Ogden a few years ago. ) So this gives us a picture of Ann, but Paul's picture is still downstairs in my picture files which are in terrible disarray. (I hope you all read Pickles this morning - I'm afraid his philosophy is mine at the present time.) Ann asked me this morning if I remembered where I was 45 years ago - and with that prodding, I remembered that we were with Mother and Daddy, Louise, Ann, and Paul, and Paul's family, in the Salt Lake Temple. 45 seems like way too many years ago, but there has been a lot of water under the bridge in those years. With their family of seven children, there have been a lot of growth in those years, but the important thing is that they've made it to 45. The next biggie is 50, right?


Ann said...

Whew!!! Thank you.

Judy said...

Big congratulations to Ann and Paul. We all take great joy in the unity of their great family.