Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Rest of The Story

Does this complete the story of the pictures from Mother's Day many years ago?
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Judy said...

Yes it does! I do remember a tear or two trickling down those brown cheeks at being honored with flowers to wear.

Ann said...

I suspect we all knew that what happened that day meant alot to Mother. The corsage was something that seemed magical. It was always fun to give Mother something special, whether we had bought it for a few cents, or whatever. It seemed to me her expectations were centered on us being "good kids", more than any material reward. And when there was a little material reward she was often overwhelmed. There was the corsage, the geranium (another wonderful picture of Mother), the glass cut candlestick holders (5 cents each) that replaced a crystal candlestick holder -she love the 5 cent replacement as much as she loved the real thing. What a wonderful example she remains in my life.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you got that picture out to finish the story! Is it time to organize my photos?