Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Family Connection

I was going to make phone calls this morning to pass on this fun email, and then I was going to find the picture of Mary Coucum and post it, but this is a quick way to share and then everyone can chime in. With a houseful of young people from the BYU 197th coming for FHE tonight (Costco cookies are sounding like a great refreshment), and with bedroom furniture still scattered around the house, there is much to do - even if it is just moving a layer of dust. I found the information about Mary Coucum to be very interesting, and had never heard that before.

Anyway[s] (for Dwight), this email came yesterday as a result of the blog. I will follow up with the sender - we can all learn from each other - the more we share the more we learn. It is a happy thought to hear the author of the email talk about being 35 - I think this is a sign of the times. Dwight's Jim and Louise's Cheryl have expressed alot of interest, Judy's Shannon is busy doing research and finding great information, and others are beginning to poke around - How thankful I am for the younger, sharper minds pitching in.

Following is the content of the email:

"Maybe you are already familiar with the Gehring family (my great-aunts Dixie Edwards and Dana Openshaw have done a lot of genealogy work on our family). We are a large family based primarily in Utah (especially the Orem/Provo area). I was looking at some genealogy work on my family and I know my great-grandmother, Belva Erickson Gehring was a daughter of Erick and Eliza Belle Wasden Erickson; I also know that Eliza was the daughter of John Brooks Wasden and Caroline Savage Wasden. As you know, John Brooks Wasden was the son Thomas Wasden and Mary Coucum Wasden. I found information that Mary Coucum Wasden was a cousin and lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. As I did some research on Mary, I found your blog site.
Making things additionally interesting, and I'm not sure if you have any connection to Charles W. Penrose, but my great-grandmother Katherine Bopp Penrose was married for a short time to a son of Charles W. Penrose. No children were born to this short union however.
I don't know if you are familiar with our family, but I found your blog interesting and I recognize some of those photos posted. I am only 35 and haven't done the research on our family, but if your family and my family haven't met or contacted each other, there may be interest in doing so."


Elizabeth said...

Wow! sounds like things we aren't aware of. John Brooks Wasden's third wife was younger than Nancy Arrilla - every time I hear the Wasden name, I wonder if they are related way back. This sounds like we need to know more. Anything on line?

Judy said...

Mary Coucom's apparent status does reveal why she was so opposed to her son marrying Anna Sophie, a poor Danish immigrant. I think it tells alot.
I need to sit down and really put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Dwight said...

Some times I wonder about all the hundreds of hours spent working on all of the blogs. A letter like this is like finding a gold mine and makes the efforts worth while. We all need to follow through and get acquainted.

Ann said...


Ann said...

Just a quick note about Mary Coucom. Because of some other family history that has come to light, I think there is a question about her status with royalty. Check with Judy.