Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Louise's Day!

I remember reading a book from a long time ago, called "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", and this picture reflects Louise's youth and perhaps not quite "carefree" days, but I love this posed picture taken with the Baby Brownie that Dwight gave me. (Didn't we love kitties?)
This is the latest picture of my beloved older sister, taken when she came to Preston with Cheryl when Cheryl taught the mystery quilt at our quilt guild in June. Louise was still recovering from her knee surgery, but she enjoyed sitting and chatting with others, while working on some applique blocks, and it was great to have her here. She was always trying to guide my footsteps - sometimes in ways that I didn't appreciate. (Why did I have to keep my things in the cabinet from infringing on hers?) She kept a scrapbook, so I kept a scrapbook. She collected pictures from The Saturday Evening Post, and other magazines for a teaching file, so I did the same. We cut out paper dolls and played with them. We learned to cook together, and did the dishes together - Louise washing and me rinsing and drying. We told each other stories, and when I wasn't old enough to see some of the movies that she went to, she told me about them blow by blow. She taught me how to count to 15 in Spanish when she took it in high school. And on and on. It's wonderful to have sisters, and share interests, hopes and fears and faith with. So, Happy Birthday, Louise - and, as we like to sing the addendum - "And many more". May your day be very good.

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