Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Our Penrose Valley where we grew up. Heart Mountain in the background, standing sentinel

Did you know the river we explored is now a public access area? Who could have known?

Looking east from the bridge

The river was running at peak level. You can see barely a riff where the water runs over the dam that sends water to the Sidon canal. The reservoirs, canals, and rivers in Wyoming were all full and running at capacity.

Aren't we getting fancy? A sign for the Penrose road?


Elizabeth said...

I think that Ruby was the big mover and shaker for getting the highway sign to say "Penrose Road". The river is unbelievably full! What does that do to the sandbar with the trees in the middle?

Judy said...

Fancy sign indeed. Note the gray Russian Olive tree to the left of the river. I don't think I want to fall in.