Friday, July 3, 2009

My Quilt

This is one of the quilts that Mother made during her last year. That would be 28 years ago. Since then it has been on my bed. It has kept me warm on cold nights, during storms with no electricity, and flung all the way back on warm summer nights. But most of all it has brought sweet comfort when the nights got too long.
After using it all this time, I just recently discovered the complete pattern that she created as she put the squares together. I have replaced the flannel on the backing at the foot and at the top where I/we tuck it under our chin to keep out the chilly draft from the open window.
Good nights are always welcomed and valued.


Elizabeth said...

A treasure, for sure. And used as Mother intended it to be. I will never forget her that last summer as she cut and patched and sewed whenever she felt well enough to do so. There were times when she laid pieces of fabric out on the living room floor to see the pattern that she wanted. Thanks for sharing! (And look, your bed is made so neatly!)

Ann said...

The finest quilt in the world would not keep you as warm/safe/securely tucked in, as this one does. That summer Mother sewed more quilts than I could even imagine. There are a few that were scattered among different family members, and I know at my house there are remnant pieces (children really USE things up) tucked safely away because of how they came to be a part of their keeping warm lives. Must be time to put together my "Penrose quilts" from the wool pieces that were rescued from app 150 wool jackets/skirts so some other children have a similar treasure. Thanks for refreshing my incentive to "do something".