Friday, August 20, 2010

Pages from Grandpa Wasden's Yellowstone National Park Journal

I realized, as Dwight and I were talking about putting together more of our treasures, I probably had never shared with you some of the pages from Grandpa Wasden's Yellowstone N.P journal. I have transcribed the complete journal and will be sending out copies "soon". Just to make this a part of the record, I thought you might enjoy seeing his handwriting. See if it is legible when you click on the pages.


Elizabeth said...

I can pick out a few words. It seems to me that this was not a very long journal. There is a letter from Uncle Brooks where he relates his experience of taking a team of horses to the Park to Grandpa. Does everyone have that? (And where did I put mine?)

Judy said...

Was it your years as a court clerk that made it possible for you to transcrib this journal. That will be quite a work when it is done. Thank you!!!