Saturday, August 14, 2010

Farm Journal 1933

My friend lent me her family keepsake: copies of the Farm Journal.  I had a delightful time reading articles (one on how to remove whiteheads, another how to make a mustard plaster, etc.) and finding familiar items in ads that had been in our humble life. 
I'm sure that Dad and Mom would have loved to trade in their old separator......but not necessarily get a new one.
Who cannot remember the rough Lava Soap?  Maybe if I had used it more?????


Ann said...

Wish we could have replaced our furnace for the then quoted price. And am most intrigued by the article on how to keep the dampness out of the chicken coop. Wonder if I should show that to Paul?

Elizabeth said...

Lava soap always sat in the soap dish along with a milder soap. I tried it on my acne - pretty rough on the face, for sure.