Saturday, August 14, 2010

The "Teacherage" Where Mom Stayed at Valley School

Think: Long, lonely, cold nights; Correspondence courses; Lessons.


Ann said...

Think heart racing in the middle of the night and wondering if you were going to make it through to morning; think mice and other non-people creatures invading your space; think spring is coming and all of this will get better; think I hope I don't have to teach here again next year, but in the spring that was the only thing available, so a bird in the hand.... (and then the Byron miracle happened). Blessings were hard to come by when it came to solving financial stress. Nothing has really changed on that score - just different times, more money to have less of, and people are still wondering where they are going to get a job, how they are going to feed their family and with spring around the corner will things get better. Sorry, that just rolled off my fingers when I saw this photo. Oh, well, now you know how I really feel!

Elizabeth said...

Plus the many lonely nighttime hours when Mother studied, completing a huge amount of correspondence courses so that she could go on to bigger and better things. Byron was the next stop for her teaching, and she was only about 6 miles from home. She earned that one, for sure.