Monday, August 9, 2010

Beehive Girls Camp 1953

These pictures are backwards in sequence....on the way home from camp, Leona Banks, Deanna Sedwick and I posed on the sandrock outside of Cowley, Wyoming.  Church friends were rare, but oh so valued.

Nola Christopherson and LuRue Stevens took us Girls Camp the summer of 1953.  Whitey Hopkin drove us and our gear to this camp at Tensleep.  It was a sacrifice for all of them, just so we could have a week together in the wild.  The other girl on the right is Donna Roper.  The walk to our dorm was steep.  I have so many memories of this, the first time I was ever away from home.


Ann said...

And how I missed you! Girls' camp was nonexistent by the time I was old enough. It was so much fun listening to the tales of your expeditions. Thanks for stirring up a memory of a forgotten important event.

Elizabeth said...

I was jealous - it sounded like such an adventure. Glad you have those good memories.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes, and Donna Roper looks like her mother.