Monday, February 21, 2011

Ann and Steve by the Washtub

This is another very early picture. I thought I was being creative by taking at an angle.  Steve and Ann were a more captive audience than the "older" girls were; hence I took more pictures of them. Don't get dizzy looking at it. I may end up posting pictures already posted before, who knows.


Judy said...

So happy to see another photo from your early shooting days. The trouble I see with owning the camera is that there are no pictures of you.....Ann and Steve were very cute subjects.

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it odd that some of the details we might erase from a picture today record past history - like the washtub hanging on the side of the coal bin. This was a very creative picture - and has to be very early on. Ann and Steve look very young!

Ann said...

And was Steve telling me to go faster or he was going to walk, or was I trying to convince him it was my turn to ride and his turn to pull? I had forgotten about this little cart. It was replaced not long after this with the cart Grandpa made for us, just like the one from the earlier days that Mother took some lucky people for rides in.
What a fun trip back in time, thanks to your Brownie and love for taking photos. I suspect it was not easy to get the film purchased or developed. How did you get the $ to pay for all of that?