Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wonderful Wyoming History

While continuing my search for a photo of the old Powell library, I found this delightful website (used the Bing search).   


P.S. What about Steve's outhouse.


Dwight said...

This site is wonderful. I had discovered it once, then forgot it and lost track of it. A monumental compilation job. Penrose was omitted, however.

Judy said...

You could always contact the creator of the website and offer suggestions and some of your material!!!!

Ann said...

The music is a classy touch.

Steve Blood said...

Check out Sheridan, on about the 3rd page or so there is an outouse like dad built on a flatbed in a parade. Bet it didn't cost 3 million.

Judy said...

Steve, that picture is classic. Did you notice that there is even an example of the seat/hole cover on the end of the truck?
I had no idea that Sheridan was so thriving. It was fun to see what it must of looked like when Dad lived there.