Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News Flash

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words so - 

 Nesting Box #1 with golf ball in tact
 Nesting Box #2 with golf ball tucked in the corner
Nesting Box #3 with golf ball just sitting there
 Nesting Box #4 golf ball with a friend
And the little red hen must be saying, "Hey, I know I left something in here".


Steve Blood said...

Why does the egg have a Eggland logo on it?

Judy said...

Cackle....cackle.....cackle. Over easy please.

Elizabeth said...

Time for you to crow! It worked! Now will come the deluge. (By the way, Ron says that's the tried and true method of encouraging egg-laying. He says they used to make them out of a kind of plastic.)

Ann said...

Trust me, I have had to revise my teasing of the golf balls in the nest. A friend said her mother had glass eggs she would put in the nests when it was time for the chickens to begin laying. So now the question is, if Paul had put the golf balls in the nests a month ago, would they have started laying earlier?

Judy said...

Better late than never!