Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another letter from 1943

Dad gave this letter to me when Ron and I lived on Tumwater hill.  I wish I could find the original - it's here in my papers somewhere.  However, I made a very bad copy of it, and with enlarging the letter, it is readable.  As you can tell, my second grade excursion with cursive writing wasn't as successful as it might.  The writing just wouldn't slant in the right direction.  Please remember that there are four years between neat Louise, and myself.  Dad was tickled at the salutation - a little cheeky?  And now we know what we had to do between going to school.  Dumping the ashes was my eternal chore for years. I hated the hot, dry ashy smell as they were added to the ash pile.  Louise, did I help you that much?

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Ann said...

There is good therapy in revisiting times long ago. I never, at least knowingly, had to experience Dad being gone so much. That must have been difficult for everyone. Love how you reported on everyone's duties.