Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steve's Correspondence circa 1953-54

The date for this letter is a little uncertain.  Please enlarge it so that you can read (deciper?) it.  Steve, it is amazing to me that you wrote letters to me in college.  I recall one that you wrote in a spiral, beginning in the middle and branching out.  Your heart was in the right place, and word from home was very precious.  You'll notice that I did not spend the penny - saved for future needs or wants.  (The penny covers up the word "circus".)


Ann said...

Love it! I do feel better knowing I was not the only one who's writing went down hill.

Judy said...

Or up hill. Steve must have been worried about the forest fires and there were plenty. Sunsets had the darkest oranges and reds when the air was filled with smoke.
So glad that Steve wrote and wanted to contribute to your college fund.