Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where is Everybody?

The blossoms in the big photo above are truly springlike and lovely - gives the rest of us who may be in a climate that is slower to have anything budding out,  hope that spring will come.  I'm missing the give and take or the little postings with news - are you all on vacation?  (I must have been, too)  However, I'll give you a tidbit of information.  We get many e-mails (I know you do, too), about the unusual use of common things. Ron called my attention to one that said that a gatorade helps cure headaches.  I've been having lots of the blasted things, and am restricted as to what pain meds I can take - an ibiprofin (sp?) once a week doesn't cut it.  I tried the gatorade cure, and nine times out of ten, it works.  Must mean there's something missing in my diet, but I'll take any solution that's out there.  Now, it's your turn!  ;-)


Judy said...

I agree, we have become blog stale. Elizabeth, your attempt today was most appreicated. So glad you found something that is caffeine free to help your headaches. Wondering if Power Ade will do the same thing.

Ann said...

I'm here! Am now at 50% weight bearing and can't figure out which part of me to use and which part of me to leave suspended. Bones are knitting, walker is ordered so I can begin to move with both feet down. Now that is progress. Maybe with a little sunshine and melting snow for some people, the blog will become re-energized - or not.