Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dwight's Letter to Mother -- 1941

Dwight (and everyone else) wrote letters to cheer Mother while she was in the hospital at Billings.  It was perhaps due to a possible miscarriage.  The story, and illustration, of Dwight's shiner, I'm sure brightened her day.


Elizabeth said...

Help - Was this before we moved to Ralston? I know that was in 1941, because when I started 1st grade in that year, we were living west of Ralston. However, the names Charley Burke and Glen Tvedtness certainly tells me that you were riding the Penrose bus. Was that the only black eye in your whole life? and just for protecting your turf!

Louise Blood said...

What month did we move to Ralston? I used to worry so about how Charles Burke treated Dwight. I wished I had had the nerve to go back and punch him.