Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stop the World From Spinning

This sheet of paper has become very important to me.  Judy tried to explain these exercises to me over the phone, but due to diminished brain capacity, I couldn't quite picture them.  She kindly sent this to me, and it has been a lifesaver.  We have enough problems as we live longer, so we don't need to complicate them with extra spins in our world.  Thank  you, Judy!  Your art work is efficient, and I do love the constant smile on the face of the vertigo sufferer - Keep smiling!


Ann said...

Hooray! Now I will always know where to find this little gem. Judy had sent it to Paul via email, and we could never find it again. This little artistically drawn depiction of "here's whatcha do" should be in everyone's medical file.

Judy said...

I must have been spinning when I created this page. I just know that it works and has saved my day many, many times. Thanks, Elizabeth, for committing it to the blog.