Monday, July 15, 2013

Belated Birthday Wishes for Louise

Where did we all go?  Can't believe that we let the 14th slip by without a mention on the blog of the birthday of our family matriarch.  (Is that what you are, Louise?  At least, you have the most years of all of us.)  Hope your day went well, and that you got to celebrate.  You have cultivated a happy disposition, conquering your fears and forging ahead in life being responsible for yourself.  I love the way you have paved the way for me in so many aspects of my life - from being neater than I was (am?) to teaching school, to making quilts, to writing your story, etc., etc.  We are fortunate to have had you leading the way, so that when we wanted to go pick pears, it wasn't such a shock to our dear parents. (Well, maybe not?)   We did all grow up together, didn't we?  Anyway, I've always felt fortunate and secure to have a "big" sister who has tried to show me what to do in life, even if I didn't always follow. Thank you for your steadfastness.  Much love to you on this day after.


Ann said...

I called Louise on Saturday because I knew I would have a crazy Sunday. Thank you, Elizabeth, for keeping up the tradition on the blog. I wondered if this would be the year when we let birthdays go by. Am glad we aren't.

Happy Birthday, dear Louise. I hope your day was full of good things and happy memories. Love you lots.

Judy said...

Elizabeth, thank you for posting something for which we can say "ditto". Louise, we didn't really forget you and we do hope your day was wonderful. Many happy returns of the day, dear sister.