Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Wasden Sisters

Can anyone date this picture, taken in Grandma and Grandpa Wasden's yard in Penrose.  This picture probably came from Aunt Cindy's (Lucinda's) photograph album that Uncle Norman gave to me.  Sofe was the oldest sister - looks like she is laughing at something, as are the others.  Our grandmother was just a little below 5' tall - Mother was only 5'3", so you can see the comparative heights.  Anyway, as in most families, these sisters were very diverse in their interests, families, etc.  Both Sofe and Elna married very young - their husbands had been previously married - Alvin's first wife died in the flue epidemic, and Elna's husband was divorced.  Mother married a cowboy, who had to figure out an occupation.  His employment ranged from selling vacuum cleaners in Denver to doing carpenter work on the ranch in Sunlight to cooking for a sheep crew to farming, which was his last occupation.  Aunt Cindy married a returned missionary, and they settled in Lovell, where he farmed and worked at the sugar beet factory.  Mother went to college, and finally graduated in 1959.  (Correct me, Ann and Judy, if that's not right.)


Ann said...

The move to Lovell was in 1955, Mother hadn't cut her hair, Cindy looks really young, so what about 1950. By the way, here is how I read that photo. Grandma is standing there thinking these are four silly girls, Cindy is looking at Mother as if to say "did you really just say that", and Sofe and Elna are taking great delight in what was said, and Mother is looking quite innocent about the whole thing. I could be wrong -

Elizabeth said...

Sounds good to me! Good deduction. You've been watching detective shows? "Endeavor", "Death in Paradise", etc.

Judy said...

Mother and Cindy are the only ones wearing an apron. Does that mean they are doing all of the work?