Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Deep Thoughts and Philosophies

  1. I spent an hour trying to reduce the size of the blog heading and so far have not been successful.  Apparently you have to go into HTML editing and find the dimensions which, so help me, I have not been able to find.  Meanwhile, either gaze at the yellow sunflower or figure it out and put something else in.
  2. My eggs were not numbered.  For all I knew, I used the newest eggs first, saving the oldest until they were older yet.
  3. If Liz had been smart enough to understand "ditto", she could have learned how to read sooner and could have finished all the books in the Powell library two years sooner.  As it is, my conclusion that Liz was too dumb to learn how to read because she could not master the term "ditto" was one of the more egregious mistakes of my life.
  4. Judy thinks she has a system in which she will not have to write a word about her life story.
  5. She learned it from Ann.
  6. I am thinking about extending my life story.  If I write one page a day for 365 days, I will have 365 pages and will then have reached age 21.
  7. Louise left out one monumental tidbit from her story which I am too kind to remind her of.  Or about.
  8. I am on my way to Costco.  I have to spend a fortune on a new version of Windows 7 since I cannot reload the version I have and a new external hard drive since Seagate didn't take into account the fact that Microsoft would release the egregious Windows 8 and that the Seagate drive I have would not be compatible with Windows 8.  It's all still cheaper than the $3000 a new tooth implant costs.
  9. If you haven't watched Longmire on A & E Monday nights, you might want to try it for the yuks.  Father So-and-So from Ballykissangel, maybe, or was it something else, on PBS, is now sheriff of Absoraka County Wyoming, which no one can pronounce, which is filmed in New Mexico, where they fly the Wyoming State Flag in front of the courthouse.


Ann said...

I hope you have fun at Costco. Did you notice that the evil "under sheriff" actually pronounced Absaroka correctly last night? There is hope. If you write a page a day you could just post it on the blog and we could all say "ditto".

Anonymous said...

Longmire and Kate and Maxwell are the only thinigs I stay up for.

Elizabeth said...

If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. I've already made one comment, but got told by Blogger that I made a mistake??????Or they made a mistake. Anyway, Dwight, what I wanted to say is that I am so glad that Ditto has superseded Bussy and "I think it was Mrs. Tumsey" in your witty conversation. And, good luck at Costco. Glad I don't have to cope with all of those computers. One is simpler. Oh, yes, and if you put a page on each day, we'll all proofread it and you'll be ready for publication early on.

Judy said...

Proofread and make suggestions.