Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Chicken Farmers From Orem

       Actually, Ann and Paul look too citified to be ordinary chicken farmers - they have an elite bunch, which are probably pampered more than any chickens we ever knew about in our youth.  They (Ann and Paul, not the chickens) came bearing gifts - a wonderful bunch of the healthiest eggs we've eaten in a long time.  However, I was absolutely amazed when I opened the box to try one for breakfast to discover that the eggs have numbers on them.  I had to call Ann to discover how efficient she is - the numbers are dates harvested, so that you use the older ones first.  A person does not get service like that from store-bought eggs.  Oh, yes, and there is a clue as to one of our activities fr the day in the picture of Ron and Paul - we had to have some dessert before they left for home.  The visit was delightful!
        In my past, I did folk painting, and thought I would do more on all of the wooden shelves, tissue box covers, house signs, Christmas decorations, etc. that I had collected over the years.  Reality does sink in, and when I suggested to Ann that I would give these things to DI, she intervened, and said that she knew who would use them. So,  I managed to send one very large box and two bankers' boxes, plus a large ark stuffed with animal pairs, and a few miscellaneous things to paint with Ann, hopefully for some offspring to invent wonderful things to do with them.  Now that evidence of my past wishful thinking is gone, and the house feels much lighter - and someone else gets to be creative with those wooden things to be painted.  Thank goodness for family!

P.S.  Oh, dear, I just enlarged these pictures - sorry about the Ott-Lite growing out of Ann'a head.  Otherwise, the picture is pretty good.  Nobody's perfect.

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Ann said...

The eggs were fun to share, the wooden treasures hold all kinds of possibilities, but the best part was the visiting. I caught up on Elizabeth's latest beautiful projects, we laughed and enjoyed the time together and ate a great lunch. The time went by very quickly so there just wasn't much time to get too many details. The trip to Preston and back home to Orem in one day makes for a full day, but it is such a beautiful drive - it was so worth the effort.