Friday, October 11, 2013

Day One

My Adventure began yesterday (Thursday) about 2:00 when Kristen and Matt left for the airport.  Their suitcases were stuffed to the brim and my first thought was something about just how long do they expect to be gone.  The excitement began about 2:52 when Eli, the first grader came bouncing in the front door.  With a grin from ear to ear, he plunked his backpack on the table and said something about how glad he was that school was done for the day.  When I asked him if it was a fun day at school, he gave me a look of "are you kidding." The look on his face when I asked him about homework suggested it would be wise to give him a little breathing room.  A snack and a little game on the iPad and he was back to good humor and homework did get done, which just consisted of a little reading.  I had to write a note to his teacher about something that was supposed to get done and since I didn't have a clue, please give him a little time for his mom to get home.

Before long the almost 12 year old came home and there was a major sigh of relief to be some place where they felt very safe.  Shoes came off, backpacks were stashed, except he did dig out his homework and did get it done very quickly.  I suspected it was to hurry and get school done so he could have a break. I must admit I didn't have to nag or bribe or anything.  I was impressed.

Then about 5:00 I got a call from Savannah, who walks to the Brigham City Temple every Thursday with a group of her friends where they do baptisms.  How do I complain about having to go pick her up.  What a good girl.

Dinner was supposed to be leftovers, but Kristen had warned me that there weren't many leftovers.  We took a vote and TacoTime won.  Now, that was an adventure.  The drive through was so slow it was crazy, and then when we got up to the window one of the kids remembered I had forgotten something for Brooks.  What do you do?  I drove around the block, but decided not to go through the drive through.  Surely going inside would be much quicker.  Not!  We finally made it home, Brooks got home and we proudly said we had gotten him something from TacoTime.  He had eaten at his friend's.  Cold TacoTime for lunch today seemed to be appealing.  Seriously???

Then as things were starting to settle down, Lucas comes to me and with his big brown eyes said something about how his class had won some kind of a competition and as a reward they could bring treats today.  Tell me how to turn down someone who says something about how it would be alright if he really didn't have a treat, but it would be really neat if he could take something.  So, off we went to the local market to buy some candy (I wonder if that is on the approved list) and I also bought some BarKeepers Friend to help scrub a couple of places.

It was finally bedtime, which included scriptures and prayer.  The discussion about who's turn it was to pray hasn't changed since Paul and I had a house full of little people.  Sleep was such a blessing.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! You survived the first day - now, what's the countdown? Hope you are sleeping well. Conserve your strength. Your report was warm and hilarious.

Judy said...

From 2:00 pm to bedtime......Very good Ann. I can hardly wait to read what a FULL day is like!