Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day Three or Am I Still Alive

Friday was  - let's just say we all survived.  It started with me being awakened at 6:00.  Can you believe an 8th grader gets up at 5:30 and that isn't even for early morning seminary?  I woke Lucas up at 6:15, took Savannah to her piano lesson at 6:30, back home to make sure breakfast was getting eaten, lunches were made, shoes were on the right feet, and then back to pick up Savannah at 7:00.  Older kids out the door at 7:10 to catch the bus, high schooler out the door by 7:25 (whatever did he eat for breakfast?).  I do know the leftover TacoTime did serve a great purpose for lunch.  Then it was time to wake up the little first grader, make sure he had on matching shoes, fed him yummy oatmeal, made an extremely healthy lunch sandwich out of peanut butter and marshmallow cream (called a fluffernutter- who would have guessed that one), reminded him he HAD to brush his teeth before he went out the door, and then there was time to catch my breath.  I must admit that as I watched him cross the street (in the crosswalk) I wondered if I should cheer or go put my feet up.

But, there was not time for that. I had things to do.  First there was a hunt to go on to locate a missing roller for the stove drawer.  I remember those days when there just weren't enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to do, so it was only the really important things, like eating and clean socks that got done until life settled down.  I ran into a really neat little store in Brigham City where they could order the parts and that was done.  Next it was dishes, brush my teeth and comb my hair and head out to pay the nice people in the nice little store. You will never guess what was on the same block - a wonderful little quilt/fabric store that was begging to be checked out.  What a great place to get rejuvenated. I bought a pattern, enjoyed adult conversation with the pleasant women who were working in the store and came home ready to tackle the remainder of the day.

Kids home from school, guinea pigs fed (gross and stinky), pizza ordered (yes, that was on the list of instructions), date night for the high schooler, movie night at home for the youngest, birthday party at a friends house, dishes done, homework done, cats fed, and that was all before 7:00.  TV is tricky to watch - I can't figure out their ROKU system so am going cold turkey on that one.  Now I know why our kids, when they were little, went to bed by 7:30-8:00.

Now came the bigger challenge - waiting up for the birthday party boy to get home and the date young man to check in. I did get some fabric cut out, patterns traced for a wedding dress, and a few games of solitaire played while waiting.   Just as I am about to crash, the door opens and the reports of how their night went are given.  Sleep was such a relief. I am gaining an incredible respect for grandparents who find themselves raising grandchildren.

At least on Saturday there was no school, so we could just get up at our leisure. Time for some shopping, running to a birthday breakfast and then to football check out, some house cleaning - seriously is that even necessary?  Who is going to notice?

Can't wait for the Sabbath.  A day of rest sounds ever so good.


Judy said...

Keep going...I'm scared if you stop, you won't be able to restart. At least Kristen has good kids!

Elizabeth said...

Sunday a day of rest! Really? I seem to remember trying to get everyone ready, having a drill for final details, (drink and drain), finding the lost shoe, ironing the last minute shirt that was somewhere else than on the hanger, etc. You are still in the "groove" - are you marking off the calendar? I think you are not only a brave, but a successful grandmother. Have wonderful dreams!

Dwight said...

Great! Now we need pictures so we can get acquainted with your grandkids. Then do a booklet when the week is over for a keepsake. I made 3 containers of mother's relish, two more containers of applesauce, and used up all but 7 apples. So you won't have to make me more relish after all. Keep going! Like Pres. Uchdorf said, "You can do it!"

Steve Blood said...
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Dwight said...

Day 4?