Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deep Thoughts and Errant Philosophies for October 15 2013

Most of my thoughts could hardly be classified as deep, and everyone already knows all of my philosophies are errant.  Nonetheless, here is the rundown:

  • Ann brought me a box of Honeycrisp seconds for 7 bucks, as in 26 bucks if they had all been beautiful, unblemished, and of comparable size.  From this box, I made 2 batches of applesauce and one big batch of Mother's relish.  I have 7 apples left over.  I was reminded of how Mother would wait for the windfalls in Hart's orchard on the way to Garland where we would pick them up for something like 50 cents a bushel.  Now, sadly, the beautiful apple orchard has long gone to pot and no one has tended it for decades
  • We have been to opthalmologists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, ENTs, dentists, oral surgeons, psychologists, nephrologists, and zodiacologists.  Despite having thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tests and torture administered to me, no one could find anything seriously wrong.  Echo and EKG, normal.  MRI torture machine, stable.  Blood tests, normal.  Attitude, outstanding. Faults, too numerous to mention (Velna says she doesn't have time to list them.)
  • Judy has a new camera but she hardly uses it.
  • Liz is becoming a professional photographer.
  • Steve is now looking at Muddy Gap Wyo for a place to relocate.
  • Louise is living it up in Washington.
  • Ann is having the time of her life.
  • Dwight is taking pictures of The Mountain each and every minute.
  • I love my new immersion blender.  Ten bucks at ShopKo.  Seventy bucks (half price) for new Food Saver so now I won't get discriminated for buying single pounds of hamburger for $3.95 when you can get a big batch for $2.69.  Old one died two or three years ago.  Been buying expensive hb ever since.
  • We are going to try and cook up (so to speak) a food and recipe blog so those of us who know nothing can learn from those who know all.  Reviewing legal requirements and such for recipe reproduction, of which there are many (legal limitations, not recipes).
  • Something was floating around a week or two ago about a resort in Ralston.
  • Connie Sutton wants to know where Steve is.  Steve, get in touch with him.  He'd like that. (Powell).  Velna heard from his wife, who was Laramie High classmate. 
  • There are 2 gazillion labels for this blog and I know not where to plug this in.
Until I have more deep thoughts, which may take awhile to clear out the old ones.


Judy said...

How do you know?????

Elizabeth said...

Deep thoughts? How deep did you plumb the depths? Good to know that you are still buying extremely useful devices. I looked down in the storage room and found a Victorio food processor that I certainly didn't buy - Maybe Ron has been secretly going to Smithfield Implement without me? I will make applesauce this year - but for the freezer, not the pressure cooker. Mother had me convinced all those years ago that the "windfall Wealthy" apples were the very best. We used to run down the steps to the cellar to get one when we got home from school. Worms never bothered -you just cut that part out. Weren't they good?

Ann said...

Am glad your medical stuff turned out so well. Velna said that was how it would be. Keep thinking!

Ann said...

Hey, what did you do with the 7 apples? I am really pleased that you were able to make good use of yummy stuff.