Sunday, August 10, 2008

Elizabeth, 5th grade

This picture was taken the last day of school in 1946, as I left 5th grade. Ruth Kells took it - You wouldn't know Arlene Terry, who lived in Powell for a short time; the Terry's lived in a mobile home on the east side, and Arlene and her mother came to Church. Next is Shirley Kells, who was a friend from first to 12th grade and sometimes beyond, and then me, with the bow in my hair, and my penny loafers (with a penny in each one). I was still taller than most in my class.


Judy said...

I saw this picture often when it was current. However, I forgot how very cute you were. School and church friends were important because there were certainly no neighbor kids to befriend. Look how long your braids were!

Ann said...

You were tall! And very cute. I remember Shirley Kells. Didn't she come out to the house and stay overnight once? I have a memory of playing "annie, i-over", or it was called something like that with the basketball and you and Shirley, Steve and Judy. Is that a confused memory or did it actually happen? You must have been much easier to work with than I was when it came to having your hair braided. My fine hair was such a hassle for Mother to comb through that my braids were cut off in 2nd grade.