Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jacob and Kemp Petersen Stop in Riverton on the Way to Provo and the MTC

Jacob Petersen is on his way to spend three months in the MTC, on his way to Japan for his mission.  Fortunately, he told us he had four years of Japanese in high school. Imagine, in Powell High School, we were lucky to have Spanish and French.


Judy said...

OH, Dwight.....Thank you. Bob & I feel like we are there! What a wonderful time in which we live. Bless you.

Elizabeth said...

Fathers and sons. How important is that? Thanks for the pictures.

Ann said...

I'm so glad Dwight thought to take a picture. I always think of taking a picture after it is too late. What a nice looking young man. He will tower above the people he will be teaching. And pleased Dad - They are a good team.