Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Grade, spring of 1942

Eureka! I found it. You can see what five years later did to improve the quality of class pictures in the Powell School systems. Judy's and Ann's pictures are much better. Because of the poor quality of the picture, I can only identify a few - probably none that many of you knew. The big boy on the back row on the left is Tommy Bushey, who tormented me. In the middle of the row, 6th from the left, is Bobby Bruce, whom Dwight used to torment me about (why?). Next to him was Marilyn Bassett who moved to Meeteetse when her father bought the drug store there. Next to her is Birney Cox, whom we used to fight over - obviously Marilyn was winning there. As you can see, my height was a detriment from the beginning of my school career, and continued on until a few people caught up when we were in high school. Shirley Dalke is recognizable, as is Blanche Coorough. My first grade teacher was named Miss Johnson, and Miss Johnson across the hall was the other first grade teacher. Perhaps a little confusing?
The old merry-go-round was fun, but only during recesses when the younger children were out. Older students made it go too fast, and that was especially disastrous after lunch.


Ann said...

What a neat picture. It is funny how events become more relevant as we talk about different events. All of a sudden I realized that you were in the second grade the year I was born. And how school pictures advanced over the years to a casual picture taken on the playground to the posed pictures of today. Progress!

Judy said...

Maybe I can get it right this time?

That merry-go-round and slide were a good investment because it was still there, in the same place, when I was in grade school.

Thank you for the "height" clue, because I had a hard time finding you. You were very cute!

I know that my first grade picture was taken with the teacher's camera. Then some smart business person thought school pictures would be a great way to make money. After all, who could resist buying?

Elizabeth said...

That's better, Dwight. Thanks for working magic on the picture. Now, I can pick out John Carlson on the front row, far right (Walter Carlson's brother), and Allan Christensen behind him. I still don't know why I had to be so tall. I was one of the youngest in my class from 1st to graduation.