Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Concern for Living on the River

As Dwight has posted the photos depicting the personalities of the river, I recalled the letter written by Aunt Elsie to our parents. She does voice her concern of living on the river with the children.

There are other treasures of this letter:
1. That she truly did love her nephew, Russell Blood.
2. That the ranch suffered the fallout of the depression, and they were short on business and money. This could be why Dad did not get paid his expected wages.
3. She mentions getting the "watch" fixed in Billings. (Grandma Louise's watch?)
4. Dwight had colic
5. That she was considerate of mother and her circumstances.
6. And there is probably more that you will determine as you read this letter.


Elizabeth said...

This letter really puts a different perspective on Elsie - It reflects more kindness and love for Dad and his family than I ever thought was there. Thanks for finding it and posting it.

Dwight said...

I am moved to tears with the compassion and concern for my colic, which I have heard over and over, drove Dad nuts. Also, I shed tears at the hope I would soon outgrow this uncomfortable symptom, although I replaced each symptom with other uncomfortable symptoms all my life. Also, I was touched to read that I was a "sturdy little fellow." Seriously, this letter is a priceless insight to Dad's relationship with the uncle and aunt who saved his life, so to speak.

Elizabeth said...

Ah, yes, Dwight's colic. Mother always maintained that Dwight was born with a "belly" ache. Now, that fact is confirmed.

Ann said...

This letter is so full of longing for family. I suspect Elsie's loss of her family (by death, or distance) was difficult to bear, and Dad and his family possibly filled a great empty space for her. What a gem of a letter from someone who loved our Dad.