Friday, November 14, 2008

Graveyard Stew

Recipe found in a cookbook published in 1993, in commemoration of the Oregon Trail. It will certainly bring back memories of some Saturday night meals!

Graveyard Stew
1 slice bread, toasted and buttered
3/4 cup milk, heated but not boiled
Sugar to taste

Place toast in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and pour warmed milk over toast.

As I recall, our graveyard stew was never so fancy as to have any sugar in it! But it was quite a corroboration of the fact that others knew about the name, and that, basically, it was just fancy bread and milk.


Judy said...

Yummm! Now I wonder why this delicatble dish was thusly named.

Dwight said...


Ann said...

I am so intrigued with the fact that this was/is a real recipe. I always thought it was a desperation meal, when there was nothing else to eat but milk and bread and making Graveyard Stew was an attempt at making it more palatable. Steve and Judy have often given me grief over the fact that I really liked asparagus. While that is true (and still is to this day, so it wasn't just so Mother would think I was good), I just really, really had a hard time with this one. However, my kids loved cold milk poured over broken up homemade bread. (And that definitely was a desperation meal.) I couldn't stand that one either.

Ann said...

PS Where do you suppose the name for this came from?

Elizabeth said...

Maybe it's what you eat when you are in a total decline? Another recipe in the book that I read to Ann over the phone should be shared with all of you. It suggested that as a bedtime snack, one should butter a piece of toast, and slice a sweet or red onion on it. It is possible that one's bed partner might object if he/she didn't partake of the same "treat".