Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Diploma from The Big Horn Academy, 1923

This is the inside of Mother's diploma from the Big Horn Academy in Cowley, Wyoming. The cover is brown sheepskin or soft cowhide in a buff brown, about 12" x 5". What a bit of history from our mother, Minnie Wasden Blood.


Judy said...

Ahh, the stories behind the certificate. It is nice to see this as I don't remember it all. The red ribbon adds a nice touch. Is that part of the original?
Thank you, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

The red ribbon is a part of the original. To scan it, I removed the tissue paper that lines the page (under the ribbon) - it is nearly worn out.

Ann said...

Ok, so it must be time to get back with whatever we were doing before the holidays. Thank you for posting this. I didn't realize this gem was still around (although, like Judy, I didn't know it even existed).