Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Flowers for Christmas

I was just repenting enough of my sour disposition to toss in another bouquet in Penrose this morning, when I was delighted to see Judy beat me to it!  But here are a few more, for Laura who is better, for Paul who is home from the hospital, for Velna who miraculously had a doctor who knew what he was doing for a change and is doing fine at home, for Ron B. who continues to mend, for Ron G. who is following instructions about snow blowing and doing fine, for Tom who goes on despite his ailments, and for anyone else with an ache, a pain, an ingrown toenail, or a hypochondriacal frame of mind.  At latest count, we are all home from hospitals, doctor's offices, and pharmacies, thankful to be home for Christmas and to be on the mend.  How can we do any better than that, or be any more grateful this day before Christmas?

And yes, I do remember taking the tree out on the front porch, and whatever toys I could find, to take a picture, because I wanted to remember this tree with its load of precious tinsel saved and stored from year to year and the Christmas that we shared at home.  We had no idea that we were poor, because we were so rich.  And we all remain rich to this day.  Merry Christmas and happy Christmas memories to all.

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Elizabeth said...

Extremely well said for one who purports to be a curmudgeon! Thanks for sharing. We'll all overcome our funny "aging" quirks, and continue on into a better 2009.