Friday, December 26, 2008

Steve's Seagull and Christmas

In the early '90's, I, along with the help of Judy and friends, including Dad, Ann, Steve, David Paul, and other Oly-Tumwater friends had a holiday boutique on Tumwater hill at our home that was very successful. One year, Steve designed a group of Christmas decorations that included this seagull (by the way, copyrighted by him). Dad cut out lots of seagulls, buffalo, boots, and I can't remember what all that I painted, and we sold by the bunches. Dad sold his wooden boxes, which were a big hit, his bookends, and the cowboy pins, among others. Ann did Scherenschnitte, David painted beautiful boxes (I have one).
The other part of this story has to do with my ineptitude in getting plants to bloom. I faithfully stowed the little Christmas cactus away in a dark place for a couple of months, got it out, watered it faithfully, and look what I got - one bloom that is about to open, and two more potential ones. Next year, it will work better - or I may read the indoor gardening book that tells me how to achieve more success.


Ann said...

Love the seagull! My Christmas cactus was a Thanksgiving cactus, or a Valentines Day cactus, or a 4th of July cactus. It just had a mind of its own - and then it died!!!

Judy said...

That Christmas boutique was a big deal and you all worked very hard. Elizabeth's house was full to the brim. I do have a few things that originated from that event, gratefully.