Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talking with Dad

I love this picture of Dad with the twinkle in his eye. This could have been with any of us six kids. The look would have been the same. Notice Dad's attention to what is being said. I'm sure that it was some nonesense. But it was a very good moment to have!


Elizabeth said...

It's true - Dad cared very much about each of us, and he did listen. Good picture that I don't recall seeing before.

Ann said...

What a happy memory - talking with Dad. He wanted so badly for each of us to be happy, to succeed in whatever, and to just be good people. I always appreciated the fact that he saw the good in each of us. In my case, it always seemed to be in spite of the overwhelming evidence that there was definite room for improvement. There is no substitute for the love from parents.