Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Epistle from Ole Judy

Garland , Wyo.
May 9, 1950

Der Dwight,

Well this is the first time this quarter I've written.  Last Friday I was in a May Fete.  I was in the chourse and I was a May Pole Dancer.  Mary Kranz and I sang a sole.  I got to wear a blue formal.

Now! About Louise's love affairs!  She is still going with H.L.()  I guess it's pretty thick.  School lets out on the 19th this year so I won't have to suffer from my ole' teacher very much longer.  For my birthday Leona B stayed with me.  I got 36 cents, two pr. barrettes, and a comb.  No more junk so I'll close.

An ole' buddie,

Note from DMB:  In the era of texting and cell phones, we no longer have treasures like these.  More is the pity.


Judy said...

That just means less to incriminate us later.
It is incredible to me, Dwight, that after all of your travels through life and moves from one home to another, that you have saved the nonesense of a little sister who loved and missed you terribly. She tried to express it to sound as grown up as possible. I think she missed the mark.

Elizabeth said...

Not so Judy- you would never have written if you hadn't cared. I remember the blue organdy dress for the May Day program, and your dancing the May Pole, and the solo you sang. I was so impressed! What grade were you in? This letter is one of those choice ones. And, Dwight is right - we are getting shorted with e-mails and texts. Having the paper in hand, personally written upon is really a treasure.

Dwight said...

Dear Louise: We need you. We miss you.

Ann said...

I just giggle as I read this. Who was H.L.? There won't be letters for our posterity to read, but the blog has provided a place for some writing that has been very delightful.
The blue organdy dress was perfect. After Judy out grew it, I got to wear it.

Louise Blood said...

How neat is it that you kept these letters. I'm also trying to remember who H. L. is? Hmmm. We need to go back to those innocent days of letter writing. Modern technology can't compare.