Friday, March 30, 2012

Echoes from the Past: January 27 1950

Garland, Wyo.
Jan 27, 1950

Dear ole Dwight,

Guess what!  Well Louise never did go skating with Lover Boy.  I guess he got mad and they haven't gone out yet.  That I know of.  I don't have very much to tease Louise about now.  Well what redhead have you ran into?

Ann was out of school for about a week with tonisle ides.  Well not much dirt has come up yet.

Your ole sister,

P.S. Well it's Feb. and I don't have it mailed yet.  Oh!  Guess What!  You could guess a hundred times and still would be unable to guess so I'll have to tell you.  Well Mon. night we were waiting for Ma and Pa to come home because we were going to the concert.  Finally a car drove up.  We wonder who it could be.  Well it was Ma and Pa.  Well, Well, Well.  Guess What!  It was a new car.  It's a '50 Ford and tan.  Oh boy it's nice.


Elizabeth said...


Ann said...

Very funny. And I remember the excitement over that car.

Judy said...

I don't remember any of this. Could it be fiction? What 10 year old kid (girl even) would talk like this? Who does she think she is?

Ann said...

Letting out her "inner self"? Precocious? This was pre-Mert and Bert so things were just getting started. What a wonderful innocent world we grew up in. Just think what would come out if you wrote a book.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, Ann, Mert and Bert were my high school creation. But we need to know how many more priceless letters from younger siblings are out there. Need to do some searching, don't we?