Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to the Boy Scout Camp

 You snooze - you lose - I should have gone ahead of this while I was on a roll???  Another shot of Mother, Lou, and Judy - deep in conversation.
 I think that supper is ready (note the time on the clock)  with Mother running the show, helpers Diana and Cheryl.
 I threw in this picture of Kemp in his sleeping accommodations - certainly above the mouse fray.  When I got the pictures back from this developed film, there was a note that this was a very good photo.  ReallY?  Arty?
Now I know that the group pictures I took can be enlarged.  Be sure to double click on this one.  Hard to pick people out, but oh, well.  There will be a few more of these.


Ann said...

That really was a fun time. My kids still talk about going back to the scout camp. I wonder what condition it is in now.

Judy said...

Picture #1: I wish I knew what I was writing and wish I still had the notebook to read it.
Picture #2: Love Mother's smile and notice the arms folded stance of all three ladies.
Picture #3: That is an art photo.

Do you have any more?