Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Reunion, Boy Scout Camp, 1978

The family reunion in August, 1978, was the first and, perhaps only one that we held as the Blood Family.   Mother and Dad planned and invited all.  All six children and their families were there.  I had returned from Germany the last of June, and Brig had come back from England in the middle of June, so all of us were back on U.S. soil.  (Or was that when Ron Blood was on his mission?)
Mother and Daddy came to Lovell where I was living in the Sorensen house until I could find something in Powell.  We bought lots of groceries, and then they loaded Dorothy, Sara, and Tony and me into the car, too, and away we went to Northfork.
When we arrived at the Boy Scout camp (on the way to Yellowstone Park), we found things in less than perfect shape.  Mother simply rolled up her sleeves (they stayed that way during the reunion), pitched in, and marshaled the rest of us, so the kitchen got scrubbed, organized, and ready to go.  As people arrived, we were assigned places to sleep (mice scampered around on the floor).  There were only outdoor facilities as I recall, but Mother and Daddy did have better facilities, which their years certainly deserved.
 Louise was happy being grandmother to Michael, Diana's first baby.
 Daddy was the horseshoe king - where did he get to be so good at something he did so seldom?
And, Judy watched and cheered all participants on.


Ann said...

When I made the scout camp reservations for that summer, we were a little nervous about whether we could actually all get together in the same place for a few days. The reservation had to be made in February, and who knew what would be going on by then. Mother's comment was something along the line that $50.00 was worth risking for the possibility. That was the cost of the reservation for the camp.
The gathering at our house east of Salem in 1975 gave us just a little taste of the fun it was to be together, but that time we were missing Steve. My notes from east of Salem said something about how Mother still tried to get us to go to bed, and, true to form, we didn't comply very well.
At the camp, and at the house east of Salem, Dad and Paul threw horseshoes until it was too dark to see and the clinking sound of the horseshoe hitting the peg was the only way they knew where the horseshoe was. That is one of Paul's favorite memories of times spent with Dad.
Remember how DeLyle would show up right at meal time to check and see if everything was ok? And the mice everywhere? The kids had fun and we were all together, which made everything else just not matter.

Judy said...

How do you remember all of those details? The Scout Camp Reunion was fun. I remember that is where I got to know Dwight's kids and I discovered how much fun all of the neices and nephews are. The river smelled good and made pretty music.

Ann said...

I just remembered something else. Ron Blood was there because he was quite the pied piper - the little kids followed him everywhere. And he did a very funny skit one night. I can't remember the skit, just that we all had a good laugh and were amazed at his "talent".

Dwight said...

I'm glad to see these pictures, because mine were very bad. Mom and Dad had a separate cabin but as I recall it was totally overrun with mice. There was a flush outhouse.I was shocked when I learned who the "caretaker" was. We were all pretty innocent in those days.