Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Few More Photos from Salem Gathering 1975

A few posts back, Dwight posted a photo from our family gathering when Paul and I lived east of Salem, Utah.  He asked if anyone had any more photos from that time.  Well, as I was going through my "stuff" I found the following treasures.  My biggest regret is Steve wasn't able to be with us.
How I long for the quality of today's cameras.  As you will see these photos are not very clear, but they are fun just the same.  Please note the most important structure in the background of some of the photos, (related to chickens) and ignore the weeds that we hoped would turn into grass.  
Have fun remembering!

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Judy said...

I had just come from attending June Conference. My hair style was the result of my friend and I cutting each other's hair to save money. There are a few red highlights. Brother. My mother and sisters were right, gray is the easiest.
Look how young we were!
We had a good time at the Tanner farm. But I don't think Ann had any chickens then?????

Judy said...


Ann said...

We had Aracauna chickens, the ones that lay the colored eggs. We even had a rooster and according to the kids it was mean. When they would go out to gather the eggs, they would take a piece of rebar with them to fight it off.

Elizabeth said...

I think that I took those pictures - Mother, deciding that I didn't have enough money to develop them, took the rolls of film home to Olympia, had them developed, and then distributed them. There are a couple more - if I'd get out the photo album. We'll see what happens in the next few days. No promises, though.